TNOC – The New Objective Collective

The New Objective Collective (TNOC)

is here to:

  • to assist in formulating objectives
  • that are measurable
  • and attainable
  • using experts
  • who would normally not work together
  • with freelance experts
  • and conventional suppliers
  • specialised in the hospitality, meeting and event services  industry
  • to deliver more effectively
  • in less time
  • with more fun
  • and less effort

Our fast changing environments seeks to formulate simple objectives and deliver on them collectively. 

TNOC delivers on Objectives.

Ruud Janssen – Founder

Welcome to TNOC - The New Objectove Collective


The New Objective Collective (TNOC) explores new ways of collaboration between experts who collectively achieve objectives.

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2 comments on “TNOC – The New Objective Collective
  1. Hi Ruud, WOW! Congratulations with- and (compliments for) this exciting next step in your career! Due to your professionalism I’m absolutely convinced that you will be as comfortable and succesfull in this position as you have been with your previous employers. Make it a succes quick and you might be eligible for our first ‘100% LEF in Hospitality Award’! If there’s anyway we can assist you: let us know! Best regards, Hans Poortvliet,

  2. Moedige stap, gaan voor kwaliteit. Je hebt groot gelijk.
    Heel veel succes!

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