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Bringing Global Knowledge to the Local Community #wec10 #mpi

Meeting Professional International’s World Education Conference began a day early for four speakers who gave voluntary presentations to the British Columbia Institute of Technology and The Art Institute of Vancouver on Friday 24th July.   The idea for the community

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Digital World Education Congress #MPI #wec10 – mobile, live, and more

Subject: Digital WEC – mobile, live, and more To ensure delivery to your inbox (not to bulk or junk folders) and automatic loading of graphics,add to your address book.  If you are having trouble viewing this email click here to view in

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How to make a 30sec (event) video in less than 10 minutes…and more to come at EventCamp Twin Cities #ectc10 #tnoc #eventtech10

My colleague Sam Smith recently wrote a post on the website of EVENTCAMP Twin city 2010 on how you can make simple great looking videos for your event. I decided to try out the 2 programes suggested and here’s what

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Fortune 100 Social Media Statistics: key takeaways from iStrategy event 2010

With more people utilising social media technologies such as Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook, it makes sense that established and emerging businesses are looking to leverage these technologies to reach and communicate with their target audiences. In this post we take

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In real life you are upto 6 handshakes away from any contact; on Twitter just 5! Business of New Media for your business #mpi #mpicmm #tnoc #business #eventprofs

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Twought of the week-> Nice airport offers free wifi. I would “hub” at any major airport just for that! Would you? #tnoc #mpi #eventprofs #wec10

Twought of the week-> Nice, Cote D’Azure airport offers free wifi. I would have a strong preference to use airports providing this service per default. If Schiphol, Frankfurt or Zurich would offer this I would certainly be partial to using

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